What is ‘Ramailo Games’?

‘Ramailo Games’ is a subscription based social gaming platform where all kinds of internet users would be able to play original Nepali Games without any ads or hassle to install in any device and browser. Along with that, the platform offers competition on daily, weekly and monthly basis for the user to win exciting rewards (based on leaderboard). This portal offers a large pool of games covering genres such as arcade, educational, car racing, puzzle games and many more. #playnepal #winningisexciting

What are the features of Ramailo Games?

Instant Gaming Experience with No Downloads and No Installs.

100’s of hyper localized Online games.

Subscribe once and get access to all premium games and tournaments.

Leaderboard system for each individual game.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tournaments where you can earn money playing game.

How to play Ramailo Games?

The online games we offer are easy to play and anyone with internet connection can play our games. For further details, Click Here.

How to play a Tournament?

The tournaments we organize are easy to play. Click Here for detailed instruction. For further details, Click Here.

How much do I pay for subscribing to Ramailo Games Platform and how many games/competition I can play?
  1. You can visit ramailogames.com

  2. Once you are on ramailogames.com, you can browser hundreds of mobile games

  3. To activate the premium features, choose the package, subscribe in WEB

  4. To activate the premium features, choose the package, subscribe in SMS

S.N. Service Name Activation Keyword Deactivation Keyword
1 Ramailo Game 6 Months Upfront Pack ACT RAU6M NA
2 Ramailo Game 1 Year Upfront Pack ACT RAU1Y NA
3 Ramailo Game 6 Months Daily Instalment Pack ACT RAI6MD DEACT RAI6MD
4 Ramailo Game 6 Months 3 Days Instalment Pack ACT RAI6M3 DEACT RAI6M3
5 Ramailo Game 1 Year Daily Instalment Pack ACT RAI1YD DEACT RAI1YD
6 Ramailo Game 1 Year 3 Days Instalment Pack ACT RAI1Y3 DEACT RAI1Y3
7 Ramailo Game1 day one time ACT RAO1D NA
8 Ramailo Game3 days one time ACT RAO3D NA
Start enjoying Nepali games and mobile gaming tournaments.
What are the subscription plans and how to pay for them?

We have incorporated different payment portals like IME pay and Esewa for the convenience of the users. Our three subscription plans are:

  1. Monthly: Rs. 60
  2. Half Yearly: Rs. 300
  3. Yearly: Rs. 500
Can I subscribe to Ramailo Games via any other payment method?

Yes, you can subscribe using your mobile balance if you have a Ncell SIM Card.

Can Ramailo Games be played without subscription?

Yes, you can play free online games available on our website. However, only subscribed users can access premium games and tournaments and unlock other premium features.

How to redeem gifts and rewards using ramailo games? (upcoming feature)

Our subscribed users can redeem gifts and rewards such as:

  1. The user can collect coins by playing games, tournaments and doing many activities on the platform.
  2. The coin collected can be used for different gifts and rewards.
Are there any new features coming to the platform?

Yes, we are intending to add several new features such as:

  1. Redeem gifts and rewards
  2. Challenge your friends
  3. Kings and Empire
  4. Achievements to collect
  5. Quest - Daily, Weekly and Monthly
Do we have an app for Ramailo Games?

Yes, please go to the link: and get your app for Ramailogames.com

Can we check our billing history?

To Check your billing history,contact us through our facebook chat or mail us at 'customer.ramailogames@gmail.com'

How much do I pay for subscribing to Ramailo Games Platform?

You can opt for different instalments plans and it is available as mentioned in table below:

S.N. Package Name Price Inc. of all Taxes Validity Period (DAY)
1 Ramailo game 1 Day Service Plan 5 1
2 6 Months Ramailo game with daily Instalment Plan 4.80 180
3 1 Year Ramailo game with daily Instalment Plan 3.80 360
4 Ramailo game 3 Days Service plan 11 3
5 6 Month Ramailo game with 3 days Instalment Plan 10.70 180
6 1 Year Ramailo game with 3 days Instalment Plan 9.70 360
7 Ramailo game 6 Months Service plan 289 180
8 Ramailo game 1 Year Service plan 467 360