Khel Pani Upahar Pani - Police Dai

  • Total Players: 268
  • King of the Tournament : Dipesh Basnet
  • Prize: Rs. 5,000 & Mantra Guitar Worth Rs.12,500*
  • Sponsor:Nepali Patro
  • Nepali Patro

Tournament Description and Rules

Khel Pani Upahar Pani -"Police Dai"
This Monsoon ; Ramailo Games and Nepali Patro brings you an exciting mobile gaming tournament.

Play Police Dai Tournament, beat the high score, and win Nrs 1000 every week (Prizes are applicable to users of Nepali Patro Users).

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- Download "Nepali Patro" app and get chance to win "Mantra Guitar" Worth Nrs. 12,500.

Cash Prize Distribution
1st Place : Rs. 2500
2nd Place : Rs. 1500
3rd Place : Rs. 500
4th Place : Rs. 350
5th Place : Rs. 150
To receive the Prize: 1. Winner(s) are announced to all the participants in Ramailo Games and in Ramailo Games Facebook/Instagram
2. To claim the prize- winner has to send their Name, Phone number, Email,rank , tournament name and Valid Id (Nagrita or Passport or Driving License) and send us to after the winner announcement has been made.

Subscription Fee:
Nrs 60 per month
Nrs 300 for 6 months
Nrs 500 per yearly

How to Play? - Click here to know about how to play games.
How to Participate Tournament and Win? - Click here to know about how How to Participate Tournament and Win.
Refund Policy - Click here to know about how How to Participate Tournament and Win.

Tournament Rules and Regulation:
1. User will be ranked based on highest score.
2. Any users who adheres to unethical ways to participate in the mobile gaming tournament will be banned.
3. Ramailo Games Platform holds 100% right to ban, disqualify or suspend users deemed to breach fair play.
4. Players with fake profile and playing behalf of other profile will not valid for any kind of rewards
5. Tournaments winners will received the prize in their respective eWallet account
6. User must be age of 18 or above 18 to participate or win the tournament.
7. Ramailo Games Platform will 100% rights to make the end decisions regarding Mobile gaming tournament, its Participants, Banned Participants and its winners.
8. Participants banned due to Unusual and Unethical activity has no right to participate or claim anything in the tournament and the platform itself. Only user banned due to "Suspicious activity" will be monitored and has right to claim to participate in the tournament.
9. Participant's defaming the platform in the communities with allegation are subjected to Defamation issue and we will be legally penalized. Ramailo Games will not revert any decision in the case.

Prize Details:
- Cash Prizes are rewarded on the respective e-wallet
- Cash Prizes are applicable to win tax which 25% of the winning amount
Updates: - Games played and crashed in test app and desktop will not be considered as bug as it is test phase
Tournament Duration: July 9 - Aug 15

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# Player High Score Total Score
1 Dipesh Basnet crown 1095 13624
2 Ashish Gautam 1033 13591
3 Jamuna Basnet 1029 3769
4 ratna Rawal 897 15433
5 Aarati Dhakal 848 40441
6 Pradip Bhujel 820 33980
7 Abhishek Yadav 770 4667
8 bhupal Phago 769 16314
9 Aashik Gurung 754 24009
10 Manju Chad 743 33295

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