Ko Bancha Lakhapati _ May 2022

  • Total Players: 757
  • King of the Tournament : Emon Dhungana
  • Prize: Rs. 100000 & One Lucky eSewa Subscriber Wins Redmi Note-11 Pro 5G worth Rs.37000*
  • Sponsor:Red Tail Fox
  • Red Tail Fox

Tournament Description and Rules

NOTICE: Due to high hacking attempts and activities during the tournament, we have decided to extend the tournament by 5 days (3 days + 2 additional days).
During these 5 days (3 days + 2 additional days), we will investigate all the game logs and user activities. We will disqualify the unethical participants from the tournament. All unethical participants will be permanently banned.
If any participants manages to win prize by involved in unethical activities and unfair means to the game and tournament; those participants will liable to legal actions.

Ko Bancha Lakhpati is an online quiz tournament organized by Ramailo Games which provides entertainment and education in equal measures.

Play the quiz game, Get the top High Score and Win रु. 1,00,000/- of Pool Prize. The question in the ***Ko Bancha Lakhpati*** quiz tournament will comprise of General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Geography, History, Food and Drink, Music, Animal kingdom and many more areas.

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  - 1. Register in eSewa, use promo code "Lakhapati" and get Rs. 10 cashback
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Ko Bancha Lakhpati - Prize Pool

1st place

रु 50,000

2nd place

रु 25,000

3rd place

रु 10,000

4th place

रु 5,000

5th place

रु 3,000

6th place

रु 2,000

7th place

रु 1,750

8th place

रु 1,500

9th place

रु 1,000

10th place

रु 750

Ko Bancha Lakhpati - Partners

Payment / Prize Distribution Partner

Payment Partner

Food Partner

Ecommerce Partner

Marketplace Partner

Ko Bancha Lakhpati - How to Play

1. 50 Questions easy and straight forward.
2. You will have exactly 15 seconds to answer any question.
3. You will have exactly 3 hearts for one sessions.
4. Each Wrong answer you will loose one heart.
5. If you run out of 15 seconds, you will loose one heart.
6. If you will loose all you heart, the game is over for you. And you have to try again.
7. For each right answer you will get 100 points. More the correct answer higher is the score. The highest score in one game play is your high score.
8. Beat the highest score in leaderboard to win the tournament.

Play Ko Bancha Lakhapari and win रु 100000 + of Pool Prize.

Goal of the Program/Event

- To entertain Nepali audience with an amazing online quiz event.
- To educate Nepali audience with thousands of General knowledge questions and answers.
- To become one of the most popular quiz app in Nepal.

Tournament Rules and Regulation:

1. User will be ranked based on highest score.
2. Any users who adheres to unethical ways to participate in the mobile gaming tournament will be banned.
3. Ramailo Games Platform holds 100% right to ban, disqualify or suspend users deemed to breach fair play.
4. Players with fake profile and playing behalf of other profile will not valid for any kind of rewards
5. Tournaments winners will received the prize(coupons) in their respective email and
6. User must be age of 18 or above 18 to participate or win the tournament.
7. Ramailo Games Platform will 100% rights to make the end decisions regarding, mobile gaming tournament, its participants and its winners.

!!! Updates !!!

( Date- May 8th,2022 )
  • - 150 question made easy and straight forward.
  • - 4 Hearts available
  • - 50/50 lifeline available
( Date- May 16th,2022 )
  • - 5 Hearts available
  • - Skip lifeline available
( Date- May 18th,2022 )
  • Updates in Tournament Rules and Regulations
( Date- May 24th,2022 )
  • Duration of tournament has been added for one week because of the new partnership.
( Date- May 25th,2022 )
  • Prize updates
  • Partnership updates
# Player High Score Total Score
1 Emon Dhungana crown 118500 1099900
2 sandesh poudel 38700 391700
3 Sushil Rimal 37400 117500
4 Sisam Bhattarai 37100 447900
5 sachin sapkota 35900 290200
6 Dilip Jung Basnet 35600 892300
7 shyam kanta 32400 215265
8 Prakash Neupane 31500 877900
9 Upendra Pant 26800 691500
10 Amrit Adhikari 26700 704000

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